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Night Knight Comic
I began working on this eight-page comic a while back.
Each page has around 40 layers, and was created with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. 
The storyline may not be the best ever, but I'm pretty proud of it nevertheless. Pictured here: Back cover (left) Front Cover (right)
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I stumbled upon this windows long ago when I was still just taking pictures on my phone.
Hoped to get a good picture of them still intact, but it's just as well :)
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I stumbled upon this beautiful home while on a hay ride and found this gem of a living room. Opinions?
So, Warped Tour happened again :D

I went to market my business and I met so many new people there and it makes me so happy.
I feel like I've reached a point where nobody is really a stranger to me anymore. (Except for that creep at the gas station, but we'll get to that...)

Day 1:

My friends and I left my family's house at 7 am and reached St. Louis by 9, and then we promenaded around the parking lot trying to promote my business.  I traded a tee shirt for a CD, and then I went up to this other guy who was selling CDs and I was like "fancy a trade?" and I motioned towards my tee shirts and he goes, "or I'll just give you a free CD; I don't wear white shirts," and then I was like, "sweet, thank you! Also, how in the heck do you approach people to sell them stuff?" (business promotion is difficult). And he just kind of said, "practice, honestly; that's it." We talked for a bit more and then we went our separate ways to meet up later and continue our conversation for a couple of minutes while I was waiting in line.  He was a pretty cool fellow.

I also somehow managed to get myself onto the official Warped Tour snapchat! (it was pretty rad). And someone in the line recognized me and my work! A band member's tour bus was broken into the night prior, so he was requesting small donations, and I didn't have any cash so I just offered a shirt and he goes "nah, at the end of the tour, that white shirt will be black," and then I understood why touring people don't like to wear white.  I ended up running into that guy two more times that day (and then like two more the next), and he was pretty cool, too. (his band is Reverse Order and you guys should check them out)

I ended up high fiving two members of Ghost Town, taking a songwriting class with Cody Carson (Set It Off), talking to everyone in The Interrupters (Aimee, the lead vocalist, called me an angel).  I got to watch Capsize play from the stage, the lead vocalist of Emarosa jumped onto the barrier (literally right in front of where I was standing; he has phenomenal stage presence), and I crowd surfed during The Color Morale (almost fell; that would have been the second time lol).  At some point while I was meandering my way through the tent villages, a guy in a merch tent steps out and just goes, "hey, keep smiling!" and it made my day (though, with all the events going on, I temporarily forgot about it).

When I went back to the parking lot after warped, I thought someone had stolen my car because I hadn't realized how close we had parked so I was only looking in the middle lot (rather than the front lot).

On the way home, we stopped for McDonalds and met some really nice med students while waiting for our food, and they told us to make sure to stay hydrated, watch each other, etc..  THEN, I went to the gas station and I was pumping my gas and washing my windshield.  Some creepy man goes "what have you guys been doing?" to which I responded "concerts," and he goes "we should rock out sometime together."  "...yeah..." and then he offered me pizza out of his van so I was just like "nah, I have mcdonalds" and jumped into my car, drove off, and shoved two mcdoubles and a large fry in my face.  I was quite proud of myself for being able to eat all of that. Also, creeps must have really stepped up their game.  They know we young'uns have been taught not to accept candy from someone's van, so they offer pizza instead.

Day 2:

We left again at 7 am and arrived at about 9:20. Driving in Kansas is awful. I had two free tickets to this one, and since my friend had bought hers, I had an extra, so I gave it to a girl in exchange for her to tell all her friends about my business, and I gave her a business card.  I proceeded to distribute tee shirts to the crowd, one to Alix from Ghost Town, and one to a really cool talent scout.

I purchased a preorder of Set It Off's new album, and then I offered to give Maxx (the drummer) a tee shirt, which he gladly accepted and said he's going to post a selfie on instagram in it. :D  I continued to go around giving bands tee shirts, and Capsize told me to come to their set at 1:55.  I arrived early and decided to watch the band before they played too, because why not?  They had a cool name:  Reckless Serenade.

While they were playing their instruments to make sure everything was right, I started nodding with the drummer's drumming.  I was also in the front row, and he found it amusing, so he smiled started nodding with me.  So I started nodding harder, smiling back and he did too.  And that, my friends, is how you start a friendship without even talking to the person.  So I was jamming out the entire time, and the lead singer goes, "how many of you are listening to us for the first time?" and I raised my hand, and when I went to talk to them later, they seemed kind of surprised that it was my first time listening. They were fantastic.

I ran to Capsize and I was kind of dancing with them but I had grown to become dehydrated, it was about 2 pm, and I hadn't eaten since 8:45, I'd been out in the heat, and I'd been running, jumping, and dancing a lot, I had the shakes from my hunger, and a mosh pit opened up by me and I started getting shoved around and decided to go take a break before I collapsed on the concrete with a heat stroke. So I made my way down to the hydration station and ate a granola bar in the shade (I REFUSE to pay $10 for a burger).

I lied around in the shade for a bit and then went to find Journey's Left Foot, where Set It Off would be playing. This lead singer of a band at Journey's Right Foot grabs an audience member, meanwhile, pulls him onstage, and makes out with him. Then he proceeds to say to a girl in the crowd, "hey, does it upset you that I just kissed your brother?" and I suppose she was disturbed because he goes, "WELL THAT'S TOO BAD, IT'S 2016."

Set It Off's set was amazing and then I talked to Maxx again and he told me to tweet him "Banana sandwiches" so he knew my twitter and could find the rest of my social media from there.

Later, as I was walking around, I found a friend of mine from MFAA, so I went over to talk to her.  I looked to my right and there was this guy wearing the exact same (except for a color difference, but that's unimportant) sunglasses as me! I was like "DUDE, WE'RE SUNGLASSES TWINS! We have to get a selfie together!" and he goes "Heck yeah! Post it on all the social media. The gram of insta, the book of face, tweeter, tumblr, snapchat...." and I was like "how should I caption it?" "if you don't caption it 'sunglasses twins' I don't know if I'll be able to survive," and the guy next to him goes "NO, caption it, "who wore it best?" so I did.

I started to kind of walk away, when my friend stepped forward to get a picture with them.  ...I had just jumped in front of a line I didn't know was there to take a selfie with a band member that I didn't know about because of our sunglasses.... oops....

Then I made a birthday card that will be donated to a homeless child, and then I was walking by a merch tent and the same guy from the day before recognized me and was like "hey!" and I was like "hey!" he goes "You kept smiling! Remember me?" "yeah! You kept smiling, too!" and then I was hanging out with them for a while and then I walked away and realized that I had just hung out with people in the band I See Stars without even really realizing it...

Then I went and jammed out to Issues, which was the bomb diggity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two days of Warped, and hope to do it again next year!
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